Schletter: Bifacial 2 MW Plant in Spain with new Module Clamp Adapter

Kirchdorf/Haag (Germany), December 16, 2020. The trend towards bifacial modules continues: The Schletter Group has supplied the mounting systems in Spain for a 2 MW open area plant of Spanish project developer Atersol. To optimize the yield from the plant, Schletter developed a new module clamp adapter for the project. This reduces shading on the underside of the module considerably.

“To allow bifacial modules to develop their full yield potential, they must be matched to the mounting system”, emphasized Hans Glaser, who is in charge of Schletter Group’s Spanish operation. “This is what we did in this project, and we developed a new component specially for it”. The new module clamp adapter, which is 60 mm high, allows for a higher energy yield on the module underside. It can be used for all fixed mount Schletter open area systems and will also be used in future for other bifacial projects.
Normally, the module is fixed directly on the purlin using module clamps or – if traditional module clamp adapters are used – just a few millimeters above it. This means that a blind spot is created on the side of the purlin facing away from the light where almost no light hits the underside of the module. The photovoltaic cells in this shaded area therefore produce practically no energy. The new module clamp adapter, on the other hand, acts as a spacer. It creates a light gap about 80 to 90 mm wide between the purlin and the module. Consequently, the shaded area due to the purlin is much smaller, which means that the yield on the module underside is improved.
The 2 MW plant is near the town of Caudete in the south-east of Spain. It produces 2 MWp with 5,000 type STK Risen RSM 144-6-400 bifacial modules. The Schletter FS Duo twin-post system with pile-driven foundations was used for assembly. The system is very easy to assemble and can be used with almost any ground conditions and site incline. Thanks to its adjustable tilt head, even steep slopes can be compensated with the FS Duo system.
The plant, including the pile-driving plan and measurements for installation of the foundations, was planned and supported by the Schletter branch in Spain.