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June 28, 2024

Schletter Group to supply the mounting systems for EnBW’s 80 MWp project


The Schletter Group, the globally active manufacturer of solar mounting systems, has been awarded the contract for the largest solar project in Baden-Württemberg. The company will supply the mounting systems for the Langenenslingen solar park, which will boast an output of 80 MWp and meet the electricity needs of approximately 30,000 households in the region. Conecon, based in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is the project’s planner and general contractor (EPC).

"Projects of this size are crucial for advancing the expansion of renewable energy in Germany with competitive solar power," says Florian Roos, CEO of the Schletter Group. "We are thrilled that our robust and materially efficient systems are in high demand, particularly for large-scale projects like these." 

The plant is currently under construction and is scheduled to be connected to the grid in 2025.

For this project, the Schletter Group’s FS Duo—a free-standing, twin-post system made of high-strength steel—was selected. "A twin-post system was the more economical, long-term solution in this case," Roos explains. "The benefit of additional stability clearly outweighs the slightly higher material costs, especially considering the system is designed to last thirty years." 

The modules were attached from below, which, as Roos adds, “enhances safety, as installers do not have to work on the high module tables. This approach also saves time during installation, which is why we offer various module fastening options for our systems.”

The system is anchored firmly into the ground using rammed, galvanized steel foundations. These foundations are extremely stable and can be installed more quickly and cost-effectively than their concrete counterparts. They can also be easily removed at the end of the system's service life, allowing for complete dismantling.

The operator, EnBW, plans to put the solar park into operation by mid-2025. Once completed, it is expected to produce approximately 80 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year—enough to power about 30,000 three-person households. This will save around 54,000 tons of CO₂ annually. In the future, sheep will graze the meadows surrounding the more than 146,000 solar modules to maintain the terrain.

The Schletter Group has successfully collaborated with EnBW for several years. Together, they have implemented the Gottesgabe and Alttrebbin solar parks in eastern Brandenburg, with a combined output of 300 MWp. The Schletter Group's FS Duo system was also used in these projects. Additionally, construction of a 62 MWp plant in Gundelsheim, Baden-Württemberg, is scheduled to begin in May 2024.

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