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Solar parks are vital investments in the future of sustainable energy.

Their success hinges on the quality of the ground-based solar mounting systems, which have a direct effect on the park’s overall performance.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing durable, high-quality steel mounting systems with robust, easy-to-install designs that guarantee the performance and safeguard the longevity of your investment. Our systems have high load capacities, require minimal maintenance, and are built to last.

With a leading team of geologists and system planners, we develop robust solutions for challenging terrains and weather conditions—and, with our focus on prefabrication and component optimization, we ensure your installations are quick, easy, and effective.




For many years, Schletter’s FS Uno has been the system of choice for projects in challenging terrain, where fewer foundations have to be used which is why it’s already supporting more than 15 GWp around the world.

Capable of supporting up to two modules in portrait or four in landscape, FS Uno is the single-post counterpart to our dual-post system, FS Duo.

  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective installations
  • Reduced shipping costs and LCOE due to low weight
  • Durable, pre-galvanized material
  • Coating applied according to the corrosion class of your project’s environment
  • Available to order pre- or unassembled 

The durable FS Duo guarantees a long service life for your ground-mounted solar installation.

Engineered for superior strength, stability, and efficiently, FS Duo is the system of choice for level terrain, and perfect for large, multi-row module arrangements in open spaces and agricultural areas.

  • Pile-driven foundations with no ground sealing required
  • ≤25° inclinations achievable
  • High economic and material efficiency
  • Pre-galvanized for extra durability
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Supports up to 3 modules in portrait or 6 in landscape
  • Concrete foundations available for soils unsuitable for pile driving 

A cost-effective and efficient open-area system, the PVMax-S combines our FS Duo system with concrete foundations to deliver a viable steel alternative to our aluminum PVMax3.

We developed this system for use on terrains where it’d either be impossible or too expensive to use ramming foundations, including areas where the soil is contaminated by chemicals which could increase the risk of corrosion.

It’s also a great alternative for smaller PV systems, as specialist soil surveys and test ramming may be economically disproportionate to the project’s overall financial investment.

  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective project planning
  • Complete structural analysis includes foundation calculation with dowel recommendation



In many cases, pile-driven foundations are impossible due to unsuitable soil so we developed PVMax3.

As the substructure is fastened to pre-cast concrete foundations and the number of bolted connections is reduced, the PVMax3 made with corrosion-resistant aluminum offers shorter assembly times and decreased project costs while safeguarding the durability and efficiency of your ground-mounted solar plant.

  • No subsoil penetration required
  • Highly stable and durable
  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective to install
  • Comes with a complete structural analysis (incl. foundation calculation with concrete) 

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