Firm hold on large roof tiles

Dear customers,

Everyone who knows us is aware that the Schletter Group offers a suitable fastening solution for every PV project.

That is why we have, for example, added new variants of the Rapid 2+ and EcoS roof hook families to our pitched roof range.

Our current large-scale project for OMV AG in Austria shows that this also applies to open area projects: in order not to damage the surface sealing of a landfill site, special foundation solutions were required there.


Florian Roos
CEO Schletter Group
Dr.-Ing. Cedrik Zapfe
CTO Schletter Group
Martin Lipp
CFO Schletter Group

1. Product innovations

Rapid 2+ Max 150: Firm hold for large roof tiles

With our new Rapid 2+ Max 150 roof hook, even large-tiled roofs can be covered safely.

Many building owners are increasingly turning to “oversized” roof tiles. However, their cover dimensions push many “standard” roof hooks to their limits: With rail lengths of 110 or 120 mm, they are often too short for large tiles to be installed without “sitting on” the roof tile.

For these cases we have introduced our Rapid 2+ Max 150 roof hook: like all roof hooks in the Rapid 2+ Max series, it is made of 8 mm thick stainless steel and has a quick mounting adapter as well as a high load-bearing capacity. At the same time, we have lengthened the roof hook to 150 mm. For all friends of large roof tiles.

Eco S 165: More space for better rear ventilation

With a greater overall height, our new Eco S 165 roof hook allows more space between the roofing and solar modules.

For many building owners, rear ventilation of their PV system on the roof is an important issue. With our Eco S roof hooks, they now have a choice in the future: in addition to the standard height of 135 mm, we also offer a version with a height of 165 mm.

The modules have 3 cm more height available. Like all roof hooks in the Eco S series, it is made of 6 mm thick stainless steel. The Eco S 165 is suitable for areas with normal to medium snow loads.

2. Reference of the month

Largest open area plant in Austria: first construction phase completed

The Schletter Group is supplying the mounting systems for the largest open area plant in Austria. Special solutions were required for the foundation of the plant with a total size of almost 15 MW located on a decommissioned landfill site.

“The project is out of the ordinary not only because of its size”, emphasizes Schletter’s open-area technician Stefan Reitz, who planned and supervised the plant. The decisive factor was that the foundations should not damage the surface sealing of the landfill. “Conventional pile-driven foundations were out of the question here, so we developed a new solution together with the customer.”

Since the materials stored at the landfill site are enclosed by an underground foil, the foundations of the plant could not be driven deeper than 30 centimeters. In order to still connect them to the ground in such a way that they meet the static requirements, Schletter used a combined solution of pile-driven and concrete foundation: the supports were aligned and driven about 30 cm. An above-ground foundation was then poured with in-situ concrete to anchor the piles.

The “FSDuo” twin-post system was used, which is particularly economical due to its short installation time and high spans. A total of 34,600 modules were mounted on it in an east-west orientation. They generate around 10.96 GWh of solar power, which corresponds to the annual consumption of around 3,400 households.

The plant is operated by the Austrian electricity company VERBUND and OMV AG. The first construction phase has already been completed. The second construction phase should be completed by the end of the year.

3. Figure of the month

280 tons of material

… were delivered by the Schletter Group for Austria’s largest open area plant at a landfill site in Schönkirchen. Nineteen truck loads were necessary for this.

4. Dates

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