Schletter Group: Sales Partnership with Negosolar in France

Kirchdorf/Haag, July 24, 2020. The global solar installation manufacturer Schletter Group will be offering its range of products for smaller solar projects in France via the wholesale trade in future. For this, the company has entered into a sales partnership with the French solar wholesaler Negosolar. Systems for large-scale projects will continue to be sold directly by the Schletter Group.

“The wholesale trade can offer local users and installers much shorter delivery times and better on-the-spot servicing than we can offer as manufacturers”, emphasized Schletter CEO Florian Roos. “This represents an enormous improvement for our growing number of customers in France.” In Germany, the Schletter Group had already successfully switched over to this distribution model a while ago to concentrate on large-scale projects in Direct Sales. “Now that we have found a very experienced, service-oriented partner in Negosolar, we are able to use this customer-friendly sales model in France too.”
Negosolar has added Schletter’s entire range of roof-mounted products to its portfolio. There are also kit options for smaller open-space systems. Because Negosolar keeps all the major products and components in stock at all times, they will be available locally immediately or can be delivered from there within a short time and at lower shipping costs. In addition, Negosolar is able to provide improved service and on-the-spot advice through its trained, expert advisors. In particular, Negosolar will also work in future on the sizing of projects with Schletter Configurator 3.0.
Schletter is also expecting the new sales model to drive sales figures in France up further. “Our business in France is growing”, says Schletter CEO Roos. “Improved, customer-friendly sales will help us to further expand our excellent position in the French market.”