Schletter Group: Online In-House Trade Fair 2020
Dear Customers,

Yield optimization in PV projects is also a question of handling – right from planning to installation on site. That’s why simplified planning, optimized use of material and improved handling are at the forefront of our innovations and products that we will be presenting to you at intersolar trade show this year.

That is to say: that we would have liked to present to you at intersolar. As a substitute, we are now presenting them at our Online In-House Trade Fair from June 23 to 25, 2020, to which you are cordially invited. Admittedly, it’s not quite the same thing, but it’s guaranteed to be without risk of infection and we’re sure you’ll find it interesting.

You will find schedules and registration information here.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Florian Roos
CEO Schletter Group
Dr.-Ing. Cedrik Zapfe
CTO Schletter Group
Martin Lipp
CFO Schletter Group

1. Product innovations

Planning in Google Maps: Using Schletter Configurator 3.0

It’s faster, it’s more attractive and it can cope with multitasking too: The latest generation of the Schletter Configurator makes planning roof systems child’s play. Even for several roofs at the same time.

With the Schletter Configurator 3.0, you can now plan directly in Google Maps: Roof surfaces can be marked out and planned directly in Google Maps via an interface. Once the roof inclination has been input, the system calculates the exact size of the roof surface to be configured and, if required, suggests the optimum configuration, depending on alignment. When the zip code or name of the town is entered, the system then takes over the regional standard loads for wind and snow automatically – and it can do it worldwide. To enable this, the Schletter Configurator incorporates the world’s most extensive load determination database.

Planning several roofs in parallel – with fast configuration or in professional mode

Where previously only one roof could be planned at a time, several roofs and roof systems can now be processed within one planning element. This makes handling much easier, because the location parameters such as terrain category, relevant standard loads etc. only need to be detected by the system or input once. It is thus possible to configure different roof types with different installation systems and alignments in one plan.

Users can choose between fast configuration and professional mode. In fast configuration, the system suggests the configuration that is best, based on size, alignment and structural loading. In professional mode, users can select the individual parameters flexibly for themselves.

Memory-saving and AutoCAD-compatible

In future, it will also be possible to export the planning as a DXF file, which means that it is can be connected to the standard planning programs used by architects, structural engineers and planners. The program generates a structural analysis and verifiable documentation for all plans produced by the configurator. The parts lists can be adapted and expanded manually.

The Configurator has been developed by the Schletter Group and has been one of the most popular planning tools for solar panel systems for 10 years. The software is free of charge. As a memory-saving client application, it is also maintenance-free and always available in the latest version.

Get hooked: Our new roof hooks are faster to mount than ever before

In developing our new roof hooks, our top priority was to make handling as easy as possible. In addition, we’ve optimized the material – one for low loads and one for high loads.

For low loads, there’s the new EcoA aluminum roof hook. We will be able to cover the majority of applications on tiled roofs with this in the future. It allows fast, flexible mounting using hooks and is fixed in place with just one Torx plate head screw. It can also be combined with all standard Schletter profiles.

For regions with high wind and snow loads, we have developed the new HSL roof hook series. The one-piece welded roof hooks with a rail thickness of 6 or 8 mm are made from high-strength steel. The degree of strength, which has been considerably increased once again compared with its predecessor, meets all the requirements as regards mechanical strength, stability, structural integrity and durability. A new zinc flake coating makes the roof hook particularly resistant to corrosion.
The newly developed spacer plate, which is suitable for all Schletter roof hooks in the Rapid and Eco ranges, allows variable height adjustment in 2.5 mm steps.

For high yields in the long term: our open area and flat roof systems

Easy assembly, less material per kilowatt capacity and maximum load-bearing capacity. Our optimized open area and flat roof systems will get the best out of your PV system.

Along with real product innovations, we will also be presenting our current open area and flat roof systems at the in-house trade fair: These include, in particular, the Schletter Tracker, our tracking system which, because of its mechanical self-locking capacity, is as stable as a fixed tilt system.
Alongside this, we are showing the FS Gen 3 open area system developed in 2019. The system functions with less material per kilowatt of installed capacity than its predecessor version – with the same or even higher load-bearing ability. In addition, because the individual components have been specifically optimized, the system is also easier to mount than ever before. With the FS Gen 3, our customers will save time and money on installation and optimize their return on investment.

Our FixGrid18 flat roof system has also been optimized for consistent economic efficiency, and we will be presenting it with an additional module angle of 10°. Maximum ease of installation was also the priority in its development. The FixGrid18, for example, has a newly developed factory-mounted screw-in connector that can be installed without tools. It is also largely prefabricated: the surface protection mats are pre-mounted on the base supports of the FixGrid18 kits, for example. This reduces mounting time and thus the costs per kW of installed PV capacity.

2. Figure of the month

1,462,567 zip codes worldwide

… with their respective standard wind and snow loads are stored in the Schletter Configurator. We’re talking 143 countries and 2,452 regions/provinces worldwide. This means that our tool features the most extensive load database in the market. Check whether your zip code is there by downloading it here.