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March 07, 2024

Optimum use of parking space: Schletter launches new carport system on the market


The globally active solar mounting manufacturer Schletter Group has developed a new, modular solar carport system. The Schletter SunRide is characterized by its particularly slim yet stable design: Its self-supporting construction with only one central support enables optimum utilization of parking areas. The Schletter SunRide is now available as a single or double-panel system for installations larger than 750 kWp in all international markets.

"Our new carport system combines the typical Schletter design features of stability and durability with the best possible utilization of parking space," emphasizes Schletter CEO Florian Roos. This is ensured by the self-supporting construction, which manages with just one central support. This means that no supporting or floor structures are required to hinder parking. Vehicles can therefore be parked under the system not only in parallel, but also in a herringbone pattern. In this arrangement, more vehicles can be accommodated in the same space. "The SunRide enables operators and owners to make optimum use of their parking spaces in every respect: as a parking area, for parking space management and as a solar power plant," says Roos.

The Schletter SunRide can be planned as a single-panel system facing south or as a double-panel system in east-west orientation. Schletter manufactures the posts, panels and purlins of the system from high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel. The 5-meter cantilever panels can be fitted with both framed modules with standard frame widths and frameless modules. Thanks to its modular design, it can be extended as required up to a maximum length of 50 meters. The foundation options are also flexible and as space-saving as possible. For example, the posts can be mounted on drilled concrete piles as a sleeve foundation. This method minimizes the impact on existing parking areas and is particularly suitable for projects on existing parking spaces. Alternatively, concrete anchors can be used on a strip foundation. With this method, the foundation is made using flat concrete anchors that are placed on a strip foundation. This is a cost-effective solution, especially for new parking areas. In both cases, the foundation is flush with the ground so that there is no obstacle for parked vehicles. Other foundations can also be used.

SunRide Single-Wing Carport

SunRide Dual-Wing Carport

The system can be configured with a range of additional options depending on your wishes and requirements. For example, the system can be equipped with trapezoidal sheet metal as rain protection, rain gutters and drains. Lighting or advertising spaces as well as various solutions for cable management and inverter mounting are also possible. Schletter offers a static calculation for the SunRide with stability verification in accordance with the applicable national standards as well as a 10-year guarantee. The Schletter Group has more than 15 years of experience with solar carports. A total of around 90 MW of PV power is installed on Schletter carport systems worldwide. “Solar carports not only generate renewable energy without additional land sealing but also play a crucial role in expanding e-mobility,” said Roos. “We want to make a contribution to this with our systems.”

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