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Easy mounting for any flat roof.



We’re building something special – but we need your advice. So we'd like to invite you to share your thoughts with us. We have just one question for you to answer – and, this month, it’s about our rooftop systems.

Our flat-roof mounts make installations straightforward and stress-free.

They handle anything nature throws at them, including heavy snow, thick ice, and high wind speeds while complying fully with all appropriate building regulations. Plus, to ensure loads are safe and spread optimally across your building’s structure, our expert engineers will calculate the ideal design for your roof’s unique shape, size, and slope while protecting its integrity.



Our next-gen modular system for south and east-west orientations, FixGrid Pro lets you easily adjust to your desired inclination angle, and create infinite variations with just a few components.

Its improved aerodynamics mean fewer ballasts, saving you time and material while making planning and assembling your project even easier – and with possible module inclinations of 5°, 10°, or 15° independent of module clamping, orientation, or size, there’s no reason to look beyond FixGrid Pro.

  • Compatible with our ProLine module clamps
  • Modules can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Clamping possible on all sides of your module frames
  • Quick, easy, and safe to install
  • Optimized and minimized ballast through improved aerodynamics 

Specifically for flat roofs, we’ve developed a materially efficient system that requires few tools to install and allows modules to be fastened in closed rows with a fixed inclination angle of 6° or 13° with minimal loads.

Fully optimized for wind dynamics, our FixGrid-18 system is simple to install, won’t penetrate your roof, and comes with a 25-year warranty as standard.

  •  Quick assembly
  •  Easy to store
  •  Maximal returns on investment
  •  Material- and tool-optimized
  •  No additional hardware required for ≤5° roof pitches 

FlatGrid Pro is our single, cost-effective mounting unit for flat and slightly pitched (≤10°) roofs.

It features a parallel flush mount design that’s compatible with almost all Schletter components, and requires hardly any superimposed loads to offer unrivaled stability and security for your solar modules.

  • Integrated surface protection mat
  • Material- and cost-optimized
  • Zero roof penetration
  • Reduced ballast
  • Additional supports and connections available 

Our modular system for flat roofs with slight slopes, FlatGrid makes it easy for you to install your modules parallel to your roof without penetrating it. 

Featuring an integrated structural protection mat and a heigh-adjustable angle bracket, FlatGrid offers stability and peace of mind in a materially and financially optimized way.

  • Compatible with Schletter Classic components
  • Minimal superimposed loads required
  • Available on the Schletter Configurator
  • Roof-parallel (flush mount) 

For more unconventional roofs, we’ve developed a suite of support systems so you can install solar without compromising on quality, efficiency, or durability. 

From beam kits and green roof supports to accessories of all shapes, sizes, and purposes, we have everything you need to fit solar on any flat roof – including yours.

  • Enables various elevation angles
  • Optimal yields
  • Compatible with all Schletter Classic and ProLine products
  • Quick, easy, and safe to install 



Schletter IsoTop is a modular system with solutions for supporting structures on industrial foil roofs. IsoTop offers the right solution for every roof - from the standard modular system to special solutions, depending on the project.

IsoTop is tailored to the specific requirements of your project and its location. We will also arrange an on-site inspection and, once one of our designs has been approved, provide you with a final installation plan with all the necessary dimensions, saving you time and minimizing risk.  

  • Fastens directly to the girders for complete stability
  • Tailor-made to your unique requirements
  • Reduced loads on your roof’s substructure
  • Direct load application for your building’s supporting structure
  • Minimal roof penetration 

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We've installed our ProLine and FixGrid Pro systems in the House of Schletter, our new metaverse experience.

Inside, you can interact with life-like, digital replicas of some of our most popular products, and learn all you need to know about them in a way that’s far more immersive than any manual or handbook.

It’s free to enter, and the doors are open. 



Schletter exists to make installing solar easier, safer, and more efficient than ever.

Our new ProLine series meets tomorrow’s standards today by using less material, offering higher load-bearing capacities, simplifying planning, improving on-site handling, and reducing the time you spend on roofs.

Available in black or natural grey, ProLine represents the new generation of solar mounting systems for residential and industrial roofs.

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