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On this page you will find logos and images of Schletter for press purposes. The use, duplication and distribution of the media provided by Schletter is only permitted in connection with Schletter and with an appropriate source reference and a link to our website.

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Downloadable Media assets


CEO Florian Roos
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CFO Martin Lipp
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CTO Cedrik Zapfe
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COO Ralf Maus
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Company Images

Schletter Headquarters - 01
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Schletter Headquarters - 02
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Schletter Asia - 01
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Schletter Asia - 02
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Schletter Flags
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Product Renderings

FixGridPro 8K
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FixGridPro East-West
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FixGridPro South
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Tracking System 1V
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Tracking System 2V - 01
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Tracking System 2V - 02
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Schletter Calculator

Calculator Screenshot - 01
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Calculator Screenshot - 02
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Calculator Screenshot - 03
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Schletter Logo
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Schletter Brand Mark
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Schletter Claim
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