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October 09, 2023

Zeroemission Mediterranean: Schletter Group presents its latest Pitched and Flat Roof Systems in Italy


For the first time, Schletter Group, a leading international manufacturer of solar mounting systems, will be showcasing its latest roof products at ZeroEmission Mediterranean in Rome from 10 to 12 October 2023.

“Yield optimisation remains the key trend in the PV sector,” explains Florian Roos, Schletter Group's CEO. “For the development of installation systems, this primarily revolves around securing the greatest material efficiency and improving aerodynamics, as well as making installations easier. Over the last few years, we've continuously revised and updated our roof systems to embody these key aspects, and we're now ready to present the results for the first time in the Italian market, which has recently been displaying rapid growth.“

Greater flexibility and less ballast on flat roofs

Schletter Group will be showcasing its fully optimized FixGrid Pro flat roof system in Rome.Following extensive wind tunnel testing and featuring improved aerodynamics, the FixGrid Pro system requires even less ballasting than its predecessor. For instance, in an east-west orientation, the maintenance aisle is now located in the upper edges of the angled modules instead of between the lower edges. “As our wind tunnel testing has shown, this delivers significant aerodynamic benefits which can, in turn, save up to ten percent ballast,” says Roos. “It also makes installing and wiring up the modules far easier.”

Schletter Group's developers have also optimised the system from a modular perspective. Rather than using different module supports based on the angle of inclination, module size, or type of configuration (upright or horizontal), all variants can now be implemented with just a few universal components. This considerably accelerates both the planning and installation of the systems while securing greater flexibility. “Our FixGrid Pro always provides optimal support and clamping positions for the module – regardless of the angle or size,” Roos confirms.

A full range for pitched roofs

Schletter Group is also presenting its new ProLine pitched roof system. Owing to a new profile geometry, the system requires significantly less material than the previous Schletter Classic profiles, yet is able to bear even greater loads. 

The ProLine profiles can also be installed without tools using a single internal connector, which saves time and money during fitting. A new cross-rail connector ensures a structurally resilient installation, and, with the RapidPro module clamp, all standard module sizes throughout the pitched and flat roof ranges (with frame heights between 30 and 47 mm) can be secured on the principle of 'one size fits all'. “In future, our wholesale partners will therefore only need to maintain stock of just one clamp, saving warehouse space,” explains Roos.

Schletter Group will be appearing at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean exhibition in Rome from 10–12 October (Stand E18-F19).

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