The new “ProLine” pitched roof system

Dear customers,

For many people, lockdown and contact restrictions were also an invitation to get creative: In Germany at least, the initial run on toilet paper was followed by the run to the DIY stores. Never before has the country done so much pottering and tinkering as in 2020.

Our engineers and developers in Kirchdorf were also particularly creative and hard-working this year. The result is a totally reconfigured pitched roof system which we will be launching in 2021. We are presenting it to you exclusively for the first time.

We would like to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a good start to the New Year. Thank you for your loyalty – and stay healthy!

Florian Roos
CEO Schletter Group
Dr.-Ing. Cedrik Zapfe
CTO Schletter Group
Martin Lipp
CFO Schletter Group

Product innovations

Lighter, more load-bearing, easier to install: The new “ProLine” pitched roof system

In 2021, the Schletter Group will be launching a pitched roof system that has been completely redeveloped from scratch. We are offering our Newsletter subscribers an exclusive preview of the system.

Improving yields continues to be the driving force in the PV sector. For installation systems, this means: less material with the same or better load-bearing capacity, and simpler planning and handling on site to give shorter installation times. With these goals in mind, the Schletter developers have developed a new pitched roof system from scratch.

Light and highly durable: the new profile geometry

At the heart of the system lies the newly developed installation profile. Its optimized geometry means that less material is used than with the existing Schletter standard profiles. At the same time, the profile can cope with higher loads. The profile is available in three versions: 35 mm high for smaller spans, 50 mm high for medium and large spans, and 70 mm high for large spans.

Simply clip in: the EcoA and RapidA roof hooks

The new “EcoA” and “RapidA” generation of roof hooks provide the connection to the roof. What makes them special: Only one Torx T40 plate head screw is needed to fix them to the rafters. In the first place, this fixes the base plate to the roof rafter. The base plate has cross ribs on the underside that effectively prevent twisting. If necessary, spacer plates under the base can be used to adjust the height.

In the next step, the roof hook is clicked in with a unique mechanism. The position of the roof hook can be adjusted on the cross-axis if necessary. In this way, the hooks can be affixed to the roof structure flexibly and quickly.

One size fits all: the universal RapidPro module clamp

The “Rapid Pro” module clamp, which is matched to the new profiles, is also characterized by its simple, fast installation. Following the principle of “one size fits all”, it can be used in future to fix all standard module sizes with frame heights of between 30 and 47 mm. The completely preassembled clamp is clipped into the upper groove of the profile and then fixed with an M8x40 screw. The clamp is available in natural aluminum and black anodized.

Why a new pitched roof system?

Three questions to Manuel Schwarzmaier, Sales Manager Roof Products

Why the need for a completely new pitched roof system – the old one is fine, isn’t it?

That’s right: It’s absolutely fine, as good as it always was. And that’s just the point: When a product is constantly being further developed, the limits are reached at some point. Take our standard profile, for example. Here, the ratio of structural loading and use of material is ideal. That is to say, we cannot make the profile any lighter without a loss in load-bearing capacity. We therefore have a conflict of objectives that cannot be solved on the existing platform. However, we believe that roof systems will need to be even lighter and more material-efficient in the future. So we decided that we wanted to take a fresh view of things.

What does a “fresh view” mean in this context?

A fresh view means redesigning a system from scratch. After all, it’s not just about saving material. We also want to make handling easier on site and reduce complexity and the range of components for our partners to keep in stock even further. Just a new profile would not be enough – a cohesive overall system is required. You need to start this kind of task with a sheet of blank paper. This is what our developers did here.

And the result?

The result is a quantum leap which we would never have achieved just by further refining the existing system: We have a newly developed profile that needs less material and has the same or higher load-bearing capacity as its predecessor. We have a “one size fits all” module clamp where we used to need two. And we have a new family of roof hooks that can be mounted incredibly quickly and easily. With this, we want to set standards in pitched roofs in the future.

References 2020

In 2020, we once again completed a large number of great PV projects worldwide, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few highlights.

Austria: 15 MWp on decommissioned landfill site in Schönkirchen for KPV Solar GmbH (FS Duo)

Colombia: 2.2 MWp on a logistics hall in Cartagena harbor for CELSIA (Rapid2 SML)

Netherlands: 1.2 MWp on flat roof for CMS (FixGrid 18)

Germany: 624 KWp on warehouse roof (FlatGrid)

Figure of the month

1 plate head screw

… That’s all you need to fix the new EcoA and RapidA roof hooks to the rafters. It could hardly be faster or easier. Check out the installation video here (YouTube).


Open-area webinars from 2021 onward

In addition to our well attended webinars on the Schletter Configurator, we will also be offering webinars for the planning of open-area projects in 2021. Read more about it in the next Newsletter, via our social media channels, or on our website under events.