Current testimonial: “You always end up buying inferior products twice!”

Our partner, Elektro Ecker, installed the first 10° version of our FixGrid 18 in Landshut. Around 500 kWp of photo-voltaic power were installed on the two supermarkets’ flat roofs. We asked project manager, Teresa Ambrozy, three questions.

Ms Ambrozy, why did you choose the Fix Grid 18 with a 10° angle of inclination?

Mainly for two reasons: With a 10 degree inclination we could install the modules at smaller intervals than with the 13 degree version. This means that we get more power on the surface. The issue of ballast also plays a role. Because the system requires less ballast, the compressive load on the roof cladding is lower and more evenly spread across the surface. This is an important aspect for delicate foil roofs.

You have been working with us for 12 years and almost exclusively install Schletter installations. Why?

Because we place a high value on having the highest quality for all of the components we install. Our motto is the Bavarian phrase: “You always end up buying inferior products twice!” Or the standard German equivalent: Those who save on quality, pay twice. The price of a solar system is not seen on the bill, rather it is revealed years later. If my installation has rusted away or I have to replace the modules after 15 years because I chose the cheapest, I end up paying.

What is your benchmark of quality?

Faultless performance, simple operation and, most importantly of course, durability. The latter is becoming ever more important. If photovoltaic installations were previously constructed for 20 years, they now have to last 25-30 years. This is why we only install the highest quality components in our installations.