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February 27, 2024

48 MWp Project in Italy


Schletter Group, the globally operating manufacturer of solar mounting systems, continues to grow in the Italian market. In cooperation with the general contractor EnValue, Schletter has successfully installed two ground-mounted systems with a total output of 48 MWp near the Italian city of Udine.

"The Italian market is not only growing rapidly, but it also places special demands on the statics of mounting systems in many regions," says Fabian Madl, Key Account Manager at Schletter Group. "Because our highly resilient systems are designed to provide the best possible protection for the investments of operators and project developers, this suits us perfectly." The two solar parks are located in the municipalities of Remanzacco and Manzano, just a few minutes from Udine. Around 87,000 PV modules with a total output of 48 MWp were installed at the two sites, Manzano accounting for 17 MWp and Remanzacco for 31 MWp.

Schletter Group’s FS Duo ground-mounted system was used for the installation of both projects. The dual-support system, made from high-strength steel, enables short installation times and large-span widths, making it particularly economical. "The FS Duo is ideal for large, multi-row module arrangements," says Madl. "The configuration of three modules in landscape meant we were able to make optimal use of the surface area, thus guaranteeing maximal electricity yields with minimal material usage."

Ram foundations made from hot-dip galvanized steel and special Z-purlins were also used to secure the highest possible degrees of durability and stability, which are factors that played a special role in this project. The Italian authorities specified a so-called "load recovery period" of 100 years for the structural design of the plant, which was based on the highest static load achieved in the last century.  "With this in mind, we factored into our plans a significantly higher safety factor, in close consultation with the local authorities and our partner, EnValue," explains Fabian Huber, Head of Technical Consulting at Schletter Group.

Schletter Group has been working successfully with the German general contractor EnValue for several years. In 2023 alone, the two companies jointly delivered on 13 projects, with a total output of around 100 MWp. Following the completion of the two plants in Remanzacco and Manzano, EnValue has already commissioned another 14.5 MWp project in Italy from Schletter, and two further projects with a total output of over 200 MWp are also in the works.

Remanzacco (31 MWp)

Manzano (17 MWp)

Triangle Mesh