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CSR report
Range of services for ground-mounted and tracking systems
Solar mounting systems ground-mounted
Solar mounting systems roof


Conformité WPK 1090-3 EXC2
DIN ISO 14001
DIN ISO 45001 (Shanghai)
DIN ISO 9001
EG welding certificate 1090-2 Exc2
EG welding certificate 1090-3 Exc2
Factory production control certification for 1090-2 Exc2
Factory production control conformity for 1090-4 Exc2
Factory production control conformity for 1090-5 Exc2
UL 3741

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Code of Conduct for partners
Code of Conduct of the Schletter Group
General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
Modern Slavery Statement
English - AUS/NZ
Warranty conditions – roof systems
Whistleblowing Service

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