Flat Roof Systems

Ballasted or fastened - for any statics


Schletter flat roof systems are especially quick and easy to mount and can be adapted to all structural and construction conditions. Our structural engineers calculate the optimum design for your roof and ensure that loads are optimally spread over the supporting structures and the reserve load capacity is not exceeded. In doing so, we take into account the applicable building regulations as well as local wind and snow loads.

We minimize the number of roof penetrations required for fastened systems by intelligent planning and ensure that your roof remains permanently leak proof.

Loading Solutions



  • Latest generation of flat roof solar plants of any desired size
  • Modules are arranged in closed rows with a fixed tilt angle of 6° or 13°

Benefits to you:

  • Minimum superimposed loads
  • No additional fastening of the mounting systems through the roof cladding required
  • System optimized in both material and tool requirements




  • Cost-efficient system for slightly inclined flat roofs
  • Basically, FlatGrid is available right now. As the system so far has only been used in a few projects, we will create an individual offer for you on request.
  • Roof-parallel (flush mount)
  • Unit assembly system that can be combined with numerous Schletter components

Your benefits:

  • Only little superimposed loads required
  • Integrated surface protection mat
  • Optimized in material and cost
  • Schletter Configurator




  • The triangular supports are loaded with concrete block loading kits, SolRack or SolCube
  • Inclination angles can be chosen in steps of 1°

Benefits to you:

  • Swift assembly
  • Centric load transmission
  • Stable aluminium construction
  • Inexpensive module elevation
  • Several combination options




  • Elevation with interconnected module rows
  • Individually applicable
  • The triangular supports are loaded using SolRack or SolCube

Benefits to you:

  • Rules out any "keeling over" of loaded solar plants
  • Reduction of required loads
  • Program-generated structural analyses


Vegetated Roof


  • For vegetated roofs or roof with gravelling
  • Supports with bigger clearance height (about 400mm)
  • Utilization of the substrate / the gravelling as a loading
  • Minimization of the required loading by coupling of several rows (CompactVario)

Benefits to you:

  • Sufficient distance on vegetated roofs 
  • Optimized structural analysis 
  • Available with inclinations from 15 - 30° in steps of 5°

Fastening at substructure



  • For roofs of industrial buildings with wide spans
  • Fastening to the girders of the hall
  • Object planning on the basis of an individual structural analysis software

Your benefits:

  • Reduced loading of the roof substructure
  • Direct load application into the supporting structure of the building
  • Optimization and minimization of the number of roof penetrations
  • Improved connection details

Loading sets



  • Aluminum (standard) or plastic plate made of recycled material
  • Especially for roofs with gravelling
  • Alternatively, a loading with concrete weights is possible

Your benefits:

  • economically priced
  • UV-resistant and non-ageing
  • can be mounted swiftly
  • Good drainage effect on vegetated roofs

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