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Straightforward and quick mounting, easy to use - these are features which distinguish our products. We are constantly developing useful and practical tools for professional deployment, based on our many years of experience, to facilitate the planning and installation of our systems: Calculation software for the planning of plants, proven accessories such as the Schletter Toolset and our most recent product, the module cleaning device - intelligent solutions for daily usage.

SecuFix / SecuFix2



SecuFix is a very simple retrofit anti-theft device which can be used with any system. The socket head screws of the module clamps are secured against unauthorized opening simply by punching a customized stainless steel ball into the screw head. We recommend our SecuFix-applicator for mounting. SecuFix2 is the logical extension to the SecuFix system. Additional "lateral protection" at the ends of module rows substantially increases resistance to theft. SecuFix2 supplements the SecuFix system, providing additional protection to the module clamp connections and can, of course,  be combined favorably with other design concepts (electronic plant surveillance, etc.).

Cable duct systems



Cables routed in a professional manner can often have a significant impact on the end user’s overall impression of the quality of a plant. Cable routing is an option in the Schletter system standard profiles (Profi 05). The module plugs can also be clicked into the cable duct and give the wiring additional hold. A lid can be fitted to the duct if required. An additional retrofit cable duct is also available. The so-called rectangular cable duct can be fastened perpendicular to the cross beams and is screwed from below. If extended wiring is required, we offer the cable duct system MaxK; a variety of system components including an extendable universal duct is available for this purpose. For cases where the application of a cable duct is too time-consuming or where additional cables are to be fixed, our ProKlips can simply be inserted in the click-grooves of the profiles.

Lightning protection and potential equalization



The lightning protection clamp can be screwed to the cross beam profiles from below and enables a direct connection to the lightning protection round wire of diameter 8mm or 10mm. Please note that a direct connection between rack and lightning protection system only makes sense if the separation distance cannot be kept. For the earthing of anodized module frames, we recommend our special earthing shims in combination with the usual middle and end clamps. The module is defined with this in mind and, in combination with the rack, is thus incorporated into the potential equalization of the structure. Moreover, the module can be directly incorporated in the earthing process from above by means of an earthing middle clamp (with earthing pin).


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