Pitched Roof

There are countless combination options for pitched roofs. Different roof shapes, pitches and roofings often make the installation of a solar system an individual challenge. 


Flat roof systems

Schletter flat roof systems are especially quick and easy to mount and can be adapted to all structural and construction conditions.


Fasade Systems

We also offer mounting systems and fastening elements for the fastening of modules to vertical walls or façades. In the accustomed Schletter quality and with different surfaces and in different colour designs.


Open area systems

Solar parks represent an investment in the future for operators and investors. The success of the investment stands or falls on the quality of the mounting system.


Carport systems

Parking spaces for cars, whether private or commercial, can be ideally used as energy providers. Electro mobility will also rapidly become more important over the next few years.


Tracking Systems

The Schletter Tracking System combines the advantages of the highest ground cover ratio (GCR) in the market with the unique and patented design principle of mechanical self-locking.



Straightforward and quick mounting, easy to use - these are features which distinguish our products.